How it opens to the world

How it opens to the world

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Play three notes, your baby raises his ear, give him a rattle, he carries it to his mouth. No way for him to lose a crumb of this world ... sensational!

Everything goes through the mouth

  • During her first year, it's while nursing, sucking, chewing, but also sucking and sniffing as the infant discovers his environment: everything is food! It's as if he's putting the world inside him, in a process called "incorporation". Taste and smell are related in this phase of oral exploration.
  • Your baby catches everything that comes close to his lips: your breast, the pacifier, his fingers. Around 3 months, he begins to grab objects: his first reflex is to bring them to the mouth. From 7 months, he loves to suck his toes: he thus gets an idea of ​​his own body.
  • Odors are also essential. It's in the sense of smell that he identifies you first. From the second week, he recognizes your perfume!

Ears wide open

  • Your child hears very well at birthe, and for good reason: it has been exercised since the seventh week of uterine life. Until the ninth month, he responds more to sounds than to vision.
  • Introduce him a colorful toy with one hand, on the other an object that makes noise: he will turn his eyes to the sound. Later, the trend will be reversed and the visual will take over.

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