20 Mexican baby names

20 Mexican baby names

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Want an original and sunny name for baby? With this selection, Mexico is in the spotlight! The opportunity to discover pretty Mexican names. Miguel as the little hero of the movie Coco, but also Yuma, Anahi, Itzl, Estafania, Alejandro ... full of original ideas!

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20 Mexican baby names (20 photos)

Mexican names: Anahi

Coming from a native Mexican language, this very original girl's name might please you.

Mexican names: Miguel

This is the name of the young hero of the Disney Pixar movie, Coco. From the Hebrew "mikha El", which means God, it is a Latin derivative of Michel which is celebrated on September 29th.

Mexican names: Yesenia

This sweet feminine name comes from the word Jessenia, a type of tree found in South America. As he has no known date of celebration, why not with Fleur on October 5th?

Mexican names: Andrea

Mixed name, but mainly female in Mexico, Andrea comes from the Greek "andros", meaning man, manly. Why not crack too for its derivatives: Andra, Andora, Anita, Andrina. His birthday: November 30th.

Mexican names: Lupita

Here is a pretty name of Spanish origin. Shape derived from the name of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, it means the one that is perfect, the beauty of the kingdom ... it is besides the name of the miss Universe 1991, Lupita Jones, of Mexican origin. December 12th.

Mexican names: Maribel

This compound of Mary and Isabella is popular in Hispanic countries like Mexico. It means the one that represents balance. You can also fall for Marybel or Mariebelle. His birthday: August 15th.

Mexican names: Alejandra

Want a rare name for your little girl? This Spanish equivalent of Alexandra is for you. From the Greek "alexein", to defend, and "andros", the man, the warrior, is celebrated on March 20th.

Mexican names: Diego

Spanish version of Jacques, Diego comes from Hebrew and means to hound, supplant. A name of winner! His birthday: November 12th.

Mexican names: Maya

From Latin Maia, divinity name derived from the Hebrew Mar-yam, this name could also come from the fascinating and mysterious Mexican and pre-Columbian cultures. His birthday: August 15th.

Mexican names: Alejandro

Spanish equivalent of Alexander, this name comes from the Greek alexein "protect" and andros "man, warrior". In 2010, Lady Gaga chose him for one of his songs. His birthday: April 22nd.

Mexican names: Adriana

This Spanish derivative of Adrienne comes from the Latin hadrianus, "originating in the city of Hadria". It is widespread in Mexico, but also in Italy and at home on the Basque coast. In love ? His birthday: September 8th.

Mexican names: Yuma

This original name means "son of the chief" among the Yuman people in Mexico. Ideal for your angel, but why not for a girl too!

Mexican names: Rafael

Rafael is the Hispanic form of Raphael, the Hebrew "rephael", which means God has healed. His birthday: September 29th.

Mexican names: Itzel

Name of the Goddess of the Moon in Mayan mythology, this name might please you. No date of celebration known ... why not with Luna on June 9th.

Mexican names: Andres

From the Greek "andros", man, this popular name in Mexico means strength and courage. His birthday: November 30th.

Mexican names: Estefania

Rare in France, this name comes from the Greek "stephanos", the crown, could seduce you for your princess. His birthday: December 26th.

Mexican names: Ruben

From Hebrew "reouven", it's a son!, This name spread in Latin America could seduce you. His birthday: October 4th.

Mexican names: Ximena

Spanish form of Simone, here is an original name. Used in Mexico (also in the form Jimena), it is also popular with us in the Basque country. Conquered? From Hebrew "shimon", granted, it is celebrated on February 19th.

Mexican names: Javier

From the Spanish Javier, a place name, this name is also derived from the Basque word "etchaberri", meaning new house. His birthday: December 3rd.

Mexican names: Salina

From Latin "solemnis", this sweet feminine given name means solemnel or woman of silence. His derivative Selina is nice too! His birthday: October 17th.