How to promote one's growth?

How to promote one's growth?

Make our children happier, more fulfilled ... it's possible! Here are 4 points of reference for children from 6 to 10 years ... collected from Didier Pleux, clinical psychologist, Isabelle Filliozat, psychologist-psychotherapist, and Jean-Claude Ternaux, neurobiologist.

FROM 6 TO 10 YEARS, WHICH HELP MY CHILDA taste of effort

  • Dance, football, judo ... have your child practice a sport! He will let off steam and feel good in his head and his body. He will continue to learn the frustration and the pleasure, the good and the bad sides of life: to progress and be proud of yourself, you must first train, which is not always pleasant. And to savor a victory, you have to know how to accept defeat.

Attentive listening

  • With primary school, the discovery of life in community continues. A bad note or the hurtful remark of a little friend can destabilize him. Stay tuned for a problem. Is your child stuck with himself or is he lacking in appetite? Ask him about school, who are his friends. If necessary, make an appointment with the teacher.


  • Prepare pancakes together on Saturday mornings, go shopping after Wednesday's dance class, go to the movies once a month ... So many reserves of happiness that he will remember when he becomes an adult. Do not stop thinking that he has grown up or because you are running out of time. If you have several children, try as much as possible to spend a special moment with each of them, they will be delighted.

Time to grow

  • He is just 10-11 years old and now your child is rebelling? Do not make him grow too fast by putting his aggressiveness on the count of the teenage crisis. By provoking you, by opposing, it is possible that he tries to catch your attention because something is bothering him. Do not show less authority, instead he needs to feel solid. Ask him about how he feels.

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