How to make the most beautiful baby

How to make the most beautiful baby

Do not see bears, eat partridge, make love in the morning, avoid mood swings ... Since always doctors and scientists have not been deprived of giving advice to have the most beautiful baby in the world. Wacky advice? The reactions of the psychoanalyst Myriam Szejer.

Be wary of your imagination

  • For centuries, doctors have remained convinced that the pregnant woman possesses the incredible power to modify the development of her fetus by the mere fact of her imagination.
  • According to them, if she regularly looked at the scary picture of a bear during her pregnancy, her baby could be born covered with hair! If she took pleasure in contemplating the image of a handsome man, her baby could look like her ... and worth to the mother to be accused of adultery!
  • These "imaginist" theories also served to explain the birth of an abnormal or deformed child, as science did not have enough knowledge to provide a more rational response.

Reaction of the psychoanalyst

  • "These beliefs were very practical: they made it possible to make women responsible for all the ills of babies ... If a newborn was suffering from a malformation, the culprit was the mother who had let her imagination run wild during pregnancy!
  • Moreover, all these theories about the power of the imagination of the future mother were produced by men. As if by chance ... Maybe a way to evacuate the frustration of not being able to make the babies themselves!
  • Fortunately, the feminist revolution of the 70s passed by: women became less naive, they defended themselves. And today, apart from certain populations, these beliefs are no longer valid. But we will never prevent a mother whose baby is born prematurely or with any problem, to feed a strong sense of guilt, to wonder what she could have done to make it happen to her ... "

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