How to discover all the flavors to your baby?

How to discover all the flavors to your baby?

The time for food diversification has come: it's time to gently introduce baby to the pleasures of taste. But how to proceed?

Between 4 and 6 months: the ideal age to start

  • Today, the medical community agrees that the ideal time to begin diversification is between 4 months and 6 months. It should not be started before 4 months because, apart from milk, the baby's digestive system is not yet able to digest food properly. Moreover, starting it as early as this would increase the risk of developing a food allergy, just like starting it only after 6 months ...

One flavor after another ...

  • Baby must be gradually introduced to different flavors. Generally, it is recommended to start with vegetables rather than fruits. Why ? Because if you first introduce it to fruits, it's a safe bet that their sweet sweet taste pleases him a lot. To the point of not showing much enthusiasm to the discovery of vegetables ...
  • In short! To start, you can offer him a few spoonfuls of carrot puree for 3 days, the time he gets used to his taste. It is not dramatic if he does not want to eat, each baby evolves at his own pace. You can then try a mashed sweet potato and then 3 days after squash puree, etc. For now, the key is to give him time to fully discover each flavor by offering purees composed of a single vegetable (and then compotes containing a single fruit, at least 15 days after making him discover his first vegetable). Do not hesitate to seek advice from your pediatrician for successful baby dietary diversification.

Around 8-9 months: dare the mixture of flavors

  • At this stage of diversification, baby can begin to appreciate the mix. Make every effort to motivate him to eat and discover new flavors: opt for a fun little plate decorated with animals, think to vary the textures and the tastes within the same plate, try to make amusing presentations, etc. . If baby does not want to eat, do not hesitate to put some grated cheese or a little thyme to raise the taste: this can be enough to arouse his curiosity and his appetite. And if he really does not want to taste something, too bad! You can always try to offer him again in a few days ...

From 12 months old: real small dishes

  • You can offer meals in the form of simple recipes prepared for him (see our baby recipes) or small dishes ready: they are designed to make him discover new combinations of flavors every day, while being well balanced on the plan nutritional.

The place of milk

  • Even in full food diversification, milk remains an essential food for baby: he needs at least 500 ml of milk per day until the age of 3, if only to provide him with all the calcium necessary for his growth. Think of milk from the age of 6 months to 10-12 months and then to growth milk until the age of 3 years.

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