How to cut baby's nails ?

How to cut baby's nails ?

When your baby is born, he already has nails ... sometimes long. How to take care of it ? When do you cut them and how? Instructions and practical tips.

Why and when to cut baby's nails?

  • Some babies are born with already long and sharp nails. They can scratch their faces by approaching their hands (a natural reflex in the infant). The nails of the baby's hand grow so fast that you will have to shorten them at least once a week.
  • In the first few weeks, your toddler's nails may be too soft for you to cut, especially since he usually keeps his little fists clenched. As he moves a lot, you could also hurt him by cutting a small piece of skin. The first two months, it is therefore advisable to use a cardboard file (very fine grain) to shorten them. File rectilinearly (right) the part of the nail to be shortened to prevent the nail from pushing into the skin (on the sides) causing an ingrown toenail.

Scissors or nail clippers, what's the best for baby's nails?

  • After two months (a little less if his nails harden quickly), you can cut the nails of your baby with scissors small round ends or a nail clipper. There are now models adapted to babies with a stop to wedge the finger and avoid cuts. It's up to you to use the "tool" with which you are most comfortable. Scissors or nail clippers, consider disinfecting them before use and reserve their use for your toddler only. Isolate the finger to manicure by folding the others in your hand and cut right the nail that sticks out going from one side to the other of the nail, without forming rounding and avoiding too much touching the skin of the finger .

And his toenails?

  • The toenails grow less quickly! You will have to deal with it less often. Follow the same procedure as for the fingernails, with a file at first and then scissors or nail clippers. Be careful, the small feet of a baby tend to wriggle a lot. Redouble your vigilance

Tips + to cut baby's nails

  • The first time, do not hesitate to do his manicure two. One holding baby's hands while the other takes care of the nails.
  • File or cut his nails when your baby is calm, when he sleeps at nap time (so you can see what you're doing) or at the time of feeding.
  • Avoid doing your manicure after the bath because the water tends to soften the nails, making them more difficult to cut.
  • Always think about talking to your baby during care. He will not like his hands to be "stuck" and your voice will soothe him.
  • After cutting the nails of your baby, think of giving a little lime to round the corners of the nails and remove any small angle that would have remained.
  • Be careful not to take a small piece of skin in nail clippers or scissors. If this happens, reassure and comfort your baby and disinfect the nail with an antiseptic. It will heal on its own.

Karine Ancelet