How to choose a breast pump?

How to choose a breast pump?

For various reasons - starting work, hospitalized baby ... - you may need to use a breast pump, a small device that sucks the nipple, thus imitating the sucking of your baby, to remove the milk. Manual or electric, which one to choose?

Fast and efficient, the electric breast pump

  • You have to get back to work soon and, as you are breastfeeding, do you want to stock several baby bottles of your milk for your baby? The electric breast pump is for you! Preferably choose a breast pump with suction force adjustment so that it is not too painful. Most (good) models come with everything you need to get your milk, keep it and give it to your baby, sometimes even in purses or backpacks.
  • There are different breast pumps, with patented massage cushion that mimics your baby's natural suction rhythm (Philips Avent), double to allow you to collect your milk from both breasts at once (Medela, Philips Avent) ... Their system improves regularly, a guarantee efficiency and comfort for you and your baby.

Discreet but slow, the manual breast pump

  • The manual breast pump is a small system, lightweight, compact and removable. Perfect for occasional and discreet use, it is also cheaper than electric models. With a manual breast pump, allow 15 to 45 minutes to extract enough milk, depending on the flow of your breasts.
  • Practical, manual breast pumps are offered with an adaptable bottle or bottle in which you can collect your milk directly before feeding your child. Only downside with the manual breast pump: pull the trigger is sport!

How to keep your milk in the rules of art?

  • Keep your milk cool in a sterilized bottle with an airtight lid, up to 48 hours in the refrigerator and no more than 4 months in the freezer. If you freeze your breast milk, you can keep it for up to 12 hours in the refrigerator after thawing.

Which brands to choose?

  • It is better to invest in a big brand Breast pump to have a quality model, which sucks well without hurting you.

Good to know

You can rent some models of breast pumps in pharmacies, on medical prescription: it's reimbursed by Social Security!

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