How to choose a styling care?

How to choose a styling care?

Between gels, hairspray and mosses, it's difficult to navigate. Yet each has very specific characteristics. Discover the one that suits you and your hair.

The gel, multi-purpose

It is mainly used on short hair, even frizzy, dry or wet. It allows to :

  • To style in peak or in point.
  • Create a "hairy-tousled" effect.
  • To plaster the hair.
  • Discipline rebellious locks.

Lacquer, good support

Used since the 60s, it is still relevant. Thanks to her, you can:

  • Fix the hairstyle while flexibility by vaporizing 30 cm from your hair.
  • Give a primed effect applying it a few inches from your hair and emphasizing the wicks in motion.
  • Keep it in place, a whole evening, the pretty bun you just made.
  • Make loops by lacquering your hair before wrapping it on a round brush.

The mousse, queen of styling

It allows you to shape your hairstyle, especially if you have a curly, thick and heavy hair or fine hair. It also serves to moisturize, reduce static electricity and protect from the drying effect of the hair dryer. His action:

  • Bring volume by applying it on the lengths.
  • Draw ripples crumpling the locks with your fingers.
  • Give naturalness by letting your hair dry in the open air

Good actions:

Each treatment requires good use. Review:

  • The freeze : Take a hazelnut and apply it to the finger from the root to the tips.
  • Lacquer : choose it according to your hair type, normal or dry.
  • The foam : apply it on towel dried hair after shampooing and then paint to distribute it well.

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