How to pamper his nails

How to pamper his nails

Do you want to showcase your hands? The advice of our beauty specialist to make them a beauty and display them without complex.

1. The image

  • Equalize the nail from the outside to the center with a cardboard file with simple and light gestures that respect the natural base of the nail.
  • Avoid filing the edges at an angle, which would weaken the nail.
  • The retro almond design is back in force. Use the thick side of the file to shorten and remove the defects, the fine side to refine.

2. The cuticles

  • Soak your nails in warm water for 5 minutes to soften the cuticles (small skins around the nail).
  • Then, push them back and eliminate the small dead skin with a wooden stick.
  • Finish by passing this stick under the free edge of the nail.

3. Polishing

  • Use a four-sided block to polish the nail and remove asperities. The goal ? Get a smooth surface. It also stimulates the nail matrix to accelerate growth and achieve a shiny finish.

4. The protective base

  • Degrease the nail with a cotton soaked in solvent to better fix the base of varnish. Then lay a thin layer of protective base in two strokes.

5. The laying of the varnish

  • Shake the bottle, leave the excess on the brush inside the bottle and apply a first thin layer in three strokes: one in the center of the nail and one on each side.
  • Leave a millimeter at the base of the nail and on the sides to avoid putting polish on the skin.
  • Let it dry. Lay a second layer thicker.

6. The top coat

  • Protect your varnish, prolong its duration and sublimate its shine with a clear varnish. Only one layer is enough. Let dry well.

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Monique Fort