How to have a sunny complexion?

How to have a sunny complexion?

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You want a light tan but you are not about to go on vacation and apply a self-tanner discourages you? Tinted creams are for you.

What is a tinted cream?

It is a care cream that gives you a radiant complexion. His characteristics :

  • Lighter than a foundation.
  • Allow a makeup really natural.
  • Treat and protect your skin every day.

Its advantages

She continues to prove her qualities by allowing to:

  • Persuade that you have a light tan.
  • Unify and illuminate your skin.
  • Give a boost to your epidermis.
  • Keep a shine which does not fade over the day.
  • Offer several shades that fit your skin tone.
  • Jopenness.

What does it contain?

Different assets form part of its formula for:

  • Limit harmful effects sunlight thanks to UVA and UVNB filters.
  • Reflect the light with colored pigments to regain a radiant complexion.
  • Beautify the skin with vitamins, moisturizing actives.
  • Matifying oily skin with powders that neutralize the shine.

The right actions to apply a tinted cream

Every morning, after a careful cleaning of your face and your neck, the good gesture consists of:

  • Take a small amount of cream.
  • Deposit the product evenly massaging delicately, with your fingertips, in small circles from the bottom to the top of the face.

Monique Fort

The tinted cream, ideal during pregnancy

Pregnant, avoid exposing your face to the sun ... you may see nasty brown spots, the pregnancy mask. A tinted cream tubes from the second quarter!



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