How to teach your child to make choices?

How to teach your child to make choices?

A teddy bear and not a rabbit! A pink T-shirt, not red! These cereals and not those! Yes to hip-hop with Clémentine, but not to the piano! At what age can we let our children make choices? How far can we let them decide? And how to get them to make good choices?

At what age can children start making choices?

  • From the age of 3 or 4, they can decide on the color of the T-shirt they will wear, toboggan in the square rather than the tourniquet, draw a flower rather than a dog ... Because to choose, it's growing! By thus choosing a child affirms, he affirms his preferences, he begins to draw his personality.

Should we give them a lot of choice from 3-4 years?

  • No ! Too small a child is not armed to make too many decisions. If he has too many choices, he is lost. Exposed to a multitude of games or toys constantly, he may switch into hyperactivity and feed a sense of anxiety and permanent dissatisfaction.

Should we let them choose what they eat during meals?

  • No, some areas are education. It is up to the parents to choose the food of their child, according to the balanced diet, the variety of dishes and education to a variety of tastes. And if a small child refuses such a vegetable, it is better not to propose another one to him. We propose him again the same and, if he grimaces, we do not persist we will propose another day, in another form (mashed potatoes, gratin, sticks of raw vegetables ...). And from time to time only, we leave him the happiness to choose between two desserts equivalent: a small Swiss with jam or strawberry yoghurt.

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