How to teach my child to speak politely?

How to teach my child to speak politely?

Say hello, thank you, goodbye, but also do not cut the floor ... For your child, being polite is not obvious, it can be learned. Here's how to guide him and teach him that life in society is an exchange of respect and recognition.

Cut the floor, no thanks!

  • Just as we sit at the table, we behave well in conversation. Your little talking mill must learn not to cut the talk of others and not to shout if his brothers and sisters do not let him speak.
  • Explain that he can participate in the conversation, but that he must wait his turn because the whole family must be able to share his ideas in courtesy.
  • The code of politeness wants us not to raise the tone to speak and not interrupt the other before he has reached the end of his idea. Not easy for your little talker. Fortunately, these rules of speaking are put into practice every day at school.

Bad words, it's forbidden

  • "Sea ...!" Where does that big word come from? From school ? Maybe, but are you sure to monitor your own language at home? Your role as a model is very important. If you are sure that your child has not heard any rudeness at home, it is useless to fall into catastrophism.
  • At the age of 3, your child discovers the power of words and this one seems to have a very big, given your head! For this to not happen again, remind him why big words are forbidden. You can also choose to joke about it: "I thought you had just said a rude thing, but I think I did not hear well because a polite child would not have said that."
  • If he is bigger, he can also try to test your authority. In this case, your answer must be clear about what you accept or not.

But also…

  • He's coughing ? Teach your child to put his hand in front of his mouth so he does not share his germs, the same when he sneezes.

Council +

Do not ask your child too much by submerging him with rules, especially if he is small. Go on as you go and always in a good mood. If he finds it hard to remember, help yourself with books to cover the subject. See our selection.

Stéphanie Letellier with Christine Brunet, clinical psychologist, Dominique Picard, professor of social psychology, and Geneviève d'Angenstein, founder of the French School of Courtesy.

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