How to announce the news to the future dad?

How to announce the news to the future dad?

"We're going to have a baby!" How many emotions behind this sentence! The announcement of the pregnancy takes various forms according to the couples and raises sometimes unexpected reactions dad future side.

Positive! The pregnancy test is formal: you are pregnant. If the future dad was not with you at this time, how - and when - will you announce the news? Some rush to announce the news, others hesitate, others still savor like Jeanne who says: "For a whole day, I enjoyed this news that I kept in the hollow of me, like this little being. I also think I was so emotional that I needed to "digest" her before I could share her with him! "To announce the news to Dad, there are no specific rules. When how ? Everything is a matter of personality, of circumstances ... it is a shocking news ... for him, as for you.

Announce the news to the future dad? Not always useful

  • Today, it is not uncommon for expectant parents to learn at the same time the news, the two faces of the pregnancy test, waiting for an answer. In this case, it is the test that takes care of the announcement.
  • It also happens that dad ... know it before. "I knew a few seconds before Christine that we were expecting a baby, said Joel, dad of Salome." Very impatient, she had done two tests the previous days, they were either negative or illegible because too clear and she was afraid to be still disappointed, she did not dare to read the result and she handed it to me so that I could do it.There was a terrible moment of emotion followed by an explosion of joy. "

Announce the news ... to each his style

  • Some do not hesitate to heal the staging of the ad: "I had the impression to make him the most beautiful gifts ... So I gave him one: I slipped under his pillow a small There was a Sophie giraffe on the inside with pink and blue ribbons, and that night he did not turn a blind eye, "says Astrid.

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