20 colorful baby names

20 colorful baby names

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A baby will soon put beautiful colors in your life, and if you choose a colorful name? Blanche, Garance, Neela, Zohra, Malvina, Yolan ... choose from our range of names!

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20 colorful baby names (20 pics)


Female name, Blanche comes from the Germanic "blank", which means brilliant white.
His birthday: October 3rd.
Its derivatives: Bianca, Blanca, Branca ...


Female name, Neela comes from the word "nila" which designates the blue color in India.
His birthday: August 19th.
Its derivatives: Nila, Nela, Nylia ...


Male first name, Alban comes from the Latin "albus", which means white ... in reference to spirits and ghosts who were given a white form. It was a common name in the Middle Ages.
His birthday: June 22nd.
Its derivatives: Albin, Aubin ...


First name feminine and old, Rose comes of course from the Latin "rosa", denoting the rose.
His birthday: August 23rd.
Its derivatives: Rosaline, Rosalie, Rosa, Rosemarie, Rosie, Rosine, Rozenn, Rosalia, Rosanna, Rosaria, Rosetta, Rozabel, Rozalla ...


Cape Brittany with this mixed first name means "white" ... but also "happy".
His birthday: October 18th.
Its derivatives: Gwenn, Gwendoline


Original female name, Chani means red in Hebrew.
No scheduled date ... choose yours!
Its derivatives: Chany, Chania ...


This feminine given name means "purple color" or "dawn" in Greek.
No party date known ... it's up to you!


This mixed first name, very appreciated in Brittany, means "white trace" in Celtic.
No date known ... why not July 6 with Nolwenn?
Its derivative: Olwenn.


This feminine given name means "dew" in Basque.
No date of celebration for Ihintza, why not with Rose on August 23rd?


Female name, it comes from the Latin word "viola", meaning violet ... a beautiful flower, but also a color!
His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.
Its derivatives: Violaine, Viola, Violetta, Lola ...


Female first name, Malvina means mauve in Latin. For a boy, you can opt for Malvine!
His birthday: November 15 with Malo.
Its derivatives: Malvine, Malvinas (in Spain) ...


Female name, Garance comes from the Germanic "wratja", which means guarantee. It is the name of a plant with yellow flowers whose root provides a dark red dye.
His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.
Its derivatives: Garence, Graciane, Gratienne ...


Female name, Zohra means whiteness in Arabic, but also flower. It is also the Arab name of the planet Venus, a symbol of brightness and beauty.
No feast date known. Why not Saint Fleur on October 5th?
Its derivatives: Zahra, Zora, Zara, Zura, Zouhra ...


This masculine first name means "violet" in Latin.
His birthday: June 24th.
Its derivatives: Yolann, Yelan, Yoan, Yulen ...


Mixed name, it comes from the Latin "oliva", meaning olive.
His birthday: March 5th.
Its derivatives: Olivia, Oliva, Oliver, Olivier, Olyvia ...


Male name of Japanese origin, it means blue (like the sea).
No date of celebration known ... why not with Marin on September 4th?


This mixed first name, reminiscent of the precious stone ruby, means reddish in Latin.
His birthday: June 29th.
Its derivatives: Rubby, Ruby, Ruby, Rubie, Riheb, Rubina ...


This male given name of Celtic origin refers to the color brown. It is a variant of the English name Kerwin, which means one who has black skin.
No date of celebration known, why not with Erwan on May 19th?
Its derivatives: Kerwin, Karam, Karan, Karman, Karmine, Karney, Karuen ...


Female name, Flavie comes from the Latin "flavius", which means yellow, blond, golden.
His party: May 7th.
Its derivatives: Flavia, Flavien (male), Flavy, Flavienne, Flaviana ...


Female name of Spanish or Portuguese origin, Rocio means pink.
His birthday: August 23rd.
Its derivatives: Rosi, Rosie, Roza, Raïssa ...