Anger: how to react?

Anger: how to react?

At home, at the supermarket ... your little angel cries, stamps and kicks. What's taking him? In recent months, your child often gets angry. And you do not always know why ...

The problem

  • Your child must learn to deal with frustrations that are often expressed through anger.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He no longer has control of himself.
  • You. You feel destabilized by their intensity. And you fear that you will be misjudged by others.


He needs to assert himself with anger

  • You offer him his stuffed boots, he wants his sandals. You insist and that's the drama. You have the impression that your child is against you for everything! But it is rather that at this age he needs to know himself, to know what he likes or not ... and it is positive.
  • What to do: dalways give him the opportunity to choose: boots, shoes ... You fear the eyes of others? Better a child who learns to assert himself than a little wall-pass, right? If it weighs on you or becomes dangerous to your health, stay firm, but still value his idea. A way to play down and sometimes laugh together. He will feel understood and reassured.
  • What to tell him: "I understand perfectly well that you prefer to wear sandals, but today it's cold, let's wait until Monsieur Soleil decides to point his nose ..."

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