20 tips to ensure your safety

20 tips to ensure your safety

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How to ensure his safety at the time of the bath, in stroll? How to avoid his curious little hands from putting themselves in danger? Our moms have easy tips to live with peace of mind.

20 tips to ensure your safety (20 photos)

Secured bath

"To keep my little boy from bumping into the bathtub faucet, I slip in his big brother's swimming cuff, so my little fish can dabble in peace."
Anne (Salles-sur-Mer)

Stroller label

"To avoid being wrong when I pick up my stroller in the middle of others in a public place (nursery, nursery, supermarket, etc ..), I have fixed a tag for luggage with my contact information Simple and effective! also allows me to locate it much more easily. "
Carole (Chatou)

Well seen the door handle

"Our 20-month-old daughter found a way to hang herself on the door handle on the landing, which allowed her to open it ... and rush to the stairs! Her dad had the good idea to remove the lock to raise the handle to the vertical and not horizontal.It will take a few years and a few more centimeters to our adventurer to retry its feat.
Paula (Polliat)

No more flying plates

"At the time of the meal, my baby's dishes were often on the floor, I stuck one side of Velcro on the high chair and the other side under the plate, and now they're staying on Table ! "
Valérie (Champigneulles)

Security side, everything is on

"I do not leave my daughter's eyes when she plays in her small pool, but for even more safety and to avoid slipping, I stuck pretty anti-slip shower sticks in the bottom of her pool. he can recover without risking falling! "
Elvina (Saint-Germain-sur-Ay)

Safe tools

"The dads are also clever ... the proof, I've protected all my screwdrivers and other sharp tools by firmly planting their ends in corks, so I can tinker with my kids without worrying."
Bernard, a dad (Pantin)

To not lose sight of them

"When I go to a place where there are people, even though I am very vigilant, I always have the anxiety that my daughter will escape and go away, so I buy her a big inflated balloon balloon. with helium, which I cling to her wrist, so that it becomes easily identifiable just in case ... "
Anne (Lyons-la-Forêt)

Toy chest: stop with stuck fingers

"To prevent my daughter from grabbing her fingers under the lid of her toy box, I stuck corks on the two corners of her chest, her little fingers will not get stuck."
Michelle (Villefranche-sur-Saone)

Stop falling!

"To stop the slippery slips and falls, I draw patterns under my children's pajamas and socks, with swelling tube paint, and there are all the colors in the hobby stores. "
Sophie (Anglet)

How to crochet doors

"Opening closets has something fascinating for the little ones, because child safety latches are often expensive and damage furniture, so I use big rubber bands to hold cabinet handles together, if the model does not allow installation. elastics, I buy self-adhesive hooks (they are inexpensive and damage less furniture) and I stick them on the cabinet, one on the door and the other on the frame. the hooks with the big rubber band, no more risk for the little fingers! "
Nancy, Quebec

Rounding corners ... books

"Did you notice that only the first age books have rounded corners, my 13-month-old son is a great reader and I was desperate to find only sharp angled books for him." I solved the question using a cookie cutter rounding the angles that I had bought to make his birth announcements.For everything goes: the little books, the catalogs of toys, the postcards, the photographs ... Here I am reassured. "
Nathalie (Paris)

Safe races

"Raphael is still too small to fit in the Supermarket Caddy's seat.When I have to take it with me to do the shopping, I place in the seat of the Caddy the seat foam reducer, provided for high chairs. Thus, my little boy is comfortably installed and will not fall. "
Myriam (Fuans)

Protected plants

"Whatever you say, whatever you do, my sons are very attracted to my green plants, patouiller the soil, put on the ground, in the mouth ... it was necessary to find a solution: so I covered the surface My curious seeds can no longer indulge in their favorite hobby and, in addition, the moisture is preserved. "
Gaëlle (Mions)

Park protection

"The structure of the parks with net is rigid and the balance of a toddler is still unstable ... To prevent my baby from bumping into one of the four bars, I covered them with a foam that I I bought for a very small fee. "
Sandra (Commercy)

Labels that do not sting anymore

"The labels sewn at the neckline of my little Caroline's clothes tend to irritate her skin or to tingle her neck, and these labels are often difficult to unravel on the delicate and delicate clothes of a baby. transparent or a plaster on the label in question, no more scratches and nasty little holes in his clothes! "
Isabelle (Solaize)

A harness for Caddy

"Amelie struggles to sit quietly in the shopping cart while I'm shopping, and she has almost run overboard, so I bought a safety harness that's usually used in high chairs. it is easy to install, does not take up too much space in a bag and my chip is safe. "
Catherine (La Tour-en-Jarez)

A baby under high surveillance

"Having a stroller facing the road, I do not see my son when I walk, so I had the idea to fix a small bike rearview mirror on the amount of the stroller.Since then, I can monitor non-stop while walking around it, I also added a bell to go around the city, it's ideal! "
Marie (Beaune)

Stroller anti-theft

"I often wanted to leave the stroller at the entrance of a shop, but I was afraid of having it stolen by putting it outside, so I invested in a bike lock, and since then I have do not hesitate to hang it on the outside, I have won freedom and peace of mind! "
Aude (Niort)

From a distance

"I live in the countryside and I have to recover my little 3-month-old daughter at the nanny's house quite late.To see clearly, I had the idea to fix two clip torches on the pram chassis, a front and a Since then, I have clearly distinguished the way and motorists can spot me from far away! "
Christiane (Vence)

A pram horn

"It is enough that we are a little in a hurry so that there are people on the sidewalk, so it's impossible for us to find a way with the baby carriage." To no longer stress on the way to the nursery, I simply advise you to fix a Bicycle bell on the "handlebars" and honking.The stuff is infallible.Canned or amused, the pedestrian departs! "
Dorothée (Perros-Guirec)

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