Amber necklaces: attention danger

Amber necklaces: attention danger

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Many parents are tempted by amber necklaces that would relieve toddler dental flare. But the repression of frauds again sounds the alarm and reminds that if the therapeutic virtues are not proven, accidents related to these collars are, them, very real.

Amber necklaces: no scientific proof of effectiveness

  • Sold on the Internet, some supermarkets, jewelers or in organic stores, amber necklaces, worn at the neck, are a great success with parents, in the name of their potential therapeutic virtues during dental surges baby. However, these virtues have no scientific basis.

Throttling and choking hazards

  • Already in 2011 and 2015, the dangerousness of these necklaces was pointed out by the Fraud Control (DGCCRF) and the French Society of Pediatrics, who were worried about the risks of accidents related to it, whether by strangulation or choking, after ingestion of pearls if the collar breaks.
  • The results of a new study of the DGCCRF published in May 2017 is again ringing the alarm. Out of a hundred controlled outlets, the report notes that "out of 32 bracelets and collars collected, 28 were considered dangerous because of a risk of strangulation or suffocation."

A lack of control

  • The DGCCRF also points again to the vagueness surrounding the compliance of these necklaces. And for good reason, they are neither toys nor childcare articles and are therefore excluded from the scope of French and European decrees. Only imperative: these collars must yield to a pulling force of less than 2.5 kg but do not release the small beads so that they are not swallowed. But how to check? According to the Fraud Suppression traders do not sufficiently check the quality of products and misinform consumers about possible risks.

Alternatives to amber necklace to relieve baby?

  • To relieve the pain of your baby's dental flare, prefer other methods: the use of a teething ring, gum massage with a gingival gel, a homeopathic treatment.

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