15 recipes for the picnic

15 recipes for the picnic

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A lunch on the grass ... the good idea! As for the feast, we offer you some ideas for sandwiches, sandwiches, kebabs, salted pies, salads, desserts ... to feast on.

All recipes: Elisabeth Tzimakas

Photos: Jean-Charles Vaillant.

15 recipes for the picnic (15 pics)

Exotic clubs

Avocado, apple and crab ... a clever mix that will delight all gourmands, young and old.

See the recipe for exotic club sandwiches.

Shepherd's Tartines

A picnic ? Here is an easy and tasty recipe with good cheese taste.

See the recipe for bread and butter from the shepherd.

Pan Bagnat

The recipe ... the real one! For a Pan Bagnat with tuna and good taste of the South. Delicious, simply! The gourmands will lick their fingers.

See the pan bagnat recipe.

Ham and cheese rolls

How to please children? With this delicious recipe, you have everything good. From 16 months.

See the recipe for ham and cheese rolls.

Vegetable clafoutis

A cake ... with vegetables? Too strong this mom! From 18 months old.

See the recipe for vegetable clafoutis.

Rabbit salad

This is a fresh and complete salad that changes the ordinary.

See the recipe for the rabbit salad.

Nordic Wraps

In this recipe salmon, mango, white cabbage and other ingredients squirm with happiness!

See the recipe of the Nordic wraps.

Vegetable Skewers

The vegetables on a skewer, it's still very appetizing and more fun. From 18 months old.

See the recipe for vegetable skewers.

Cretan bread

A recipe that will give a little exotic taste to your picnic.

See the recipe for Cretan breads.

Vegetable cake

Do your children wince at green vegetables? Slip them into a golden cake, they will love.

See the recipe of the vegetable cake.

Fruit Skewers

At the time of dessert, propose to your gourmands this recipe based on fruits. Children will also appreciate!

See the recipe for fruit skewers.

Crunchy salads

An original recipe to bring a touch of freshness to your lunch on the grass.

See the recipe for crunchy salads.

Dessert sandwiches

A sandwich for dessert? Good idea. This recipe based on brioche and strawberries will delight your gourmands.

See the recipe for dessert sandwiches.

Vegetable and cheese skewers with 3 sauces

Small vegetables and pieces of cheese in a row on a skewer? It's party !

See the recipe for vegetable skewers.

Spiced fruit salad

Want to finish the picnic on a note of freshness? Let's go !

See the recipe for the spice fruit salad.

Director: Elisabeth Tzimakas

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