15 Celtic names that make you dream

15 Celtic names that make you dream

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Originals, the Celtic names do not like that in Brittany! Many parents are seduced by their identity and magical accents. Enora, Kélio, Loan, Lénaïc, Tara ... here are 15 Celtic names that may inspire you for the baby name!

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15 Celtic names that make you dream (15 photos)


Male first name, Amaël is a derivative of Maël, from the Celtic word "maël", which means "chef, prince". Saint Mael was a lai who allowed the construction of Wales in the fifth century. His party : May 27th.


Female name, Enora comes from the Celtic word "enor", which means honor. Enora was a 7th century Saxon princess married to St. Efflam from birth. Deciding to remain chaste, they both fled to Armorica where they each had their oratory, distant from each other.His party :October 14th.Its derivatives: Enor, Norig.


Male name, Loan is the diminutive Elouan, an old Breton name from the Celtic "luh" light. Saint Elouan was an Irish monk of the seventh century buried in Saint-Guenn in the Côtes-d'Armor.His party : August 28th.Its derivatives:Elouan, Elouen, Loane (female).


Mixed name, Armel comes from the old Bretonarzhethe fact ofartz, the bear, andmaël, the prince. In the 6th century, a monk from Wales, Arzhel prince of the bear, arrived in Armorica to found a monastery. He became famous for his miracles and the king of the Franks, Childebert I, brought him to his court. He left his name to the town of Saint-Armel in the Ille-et-Vilaine where he died, and to the abbey of Pluarzel he founded.His party :August 16th.


Mixed name, Gwen comes from Celtic "gwenn", white, happy. Saint Gwenn, wife of Saint Fragan and mother of Saint Gwenolé is very honored in several cities of Brittany. Gwen is also a frequent diminutive for names such as Gwenllian, Gwenlaouen, Gwentrog, etc.His party :October 18th.Its derivatives: Gwenn, Gwennig, Gwenna, Gwennaig, Gwennen, Gwennez.


Female first name, Tara comes from Gaelic "teamhair", hill. This name could also mean star in Sanskrit. In Irish mythology, it is the forest in which kings lived. Tara is also the domain name of Miss Scarlett O'Hara in the movie Gone with the Wind.His party :no date of celebration. Why not with Stella on May 11th.


Mixed first name, Lénaic comes from the old Breton "elen", meaning big flock. Elen is a masculine given name, but it quickly became confused with the female name Hélène, from the Greek "hellios", sun, and became mixed.His party :girls are celebrating with Helen on August 18th, boys on September 7th.


Female first name, Kaelia comes from the Celtic word Kaelia which means "the generous lord". It's a rare name ... that will seduce you perhaps.


Male first name, Elouan comes from Celticluh, light. The prefixel strengthening it, it gives: the very bright. Elouan was a name that was found almost only in Ireland and Armorica. He came out of his borders thanks to the fashion of the Breton names. Saint Elouan was an Irish monk, a disciple of Saint Tugdual, who evangelized Armorica in the 6th century.His party : August 28th.Its derivatives: Elouen, Louan, Loan, Loanna.


Female name, Nolwenn comes from Celtican ouarn, the lamb, andgwenn, white, happy. Saint Nolwenn was the daughter of a Prince of Cornwall who, to escape the advances of a man and the wrath of his father who refused his religious choice, settled in a hermitage in Britain in the sixth century. Found ... she was decapitated. She then took her head in her hands and went in search of a burial place. After a long walk, the blood of his neck made three fountains burst forth and his stick planted in the ground turned into hawthorn.His party : July 6th.Its derivatives:Noalig, Noluenn, Nolwen, Nolwenna.


Male first name, Tanguy is from the Celtic Bretontan, fire, andki, the dog, it refers to a warrior full of fire or the dog who keeps the home. The son of a seigneur Breton in the seventh century, Saint Tanguy entered the orders and founded a monastery to expiate his fault: lending good faith to slander his sister, Haude, he had beheaded in a moment of anger.His party : November 19th.Its derivatives: Tangi, Tangui, Tanneguy.


Male first name, Ronan comes from the Celtic wordroen, royal, or Irishronan, young seal. You choose ? This Irish name was popularized in the 1970s with the fashion of the Celtic-sounding first names. Saint Ronan was an Irish bishop, a friend of Saint Patrick, who became a hermit and settled in Brittany in a town that now bears his name, Locronan.His party :June 1st.Its derivatives:Renan, Reunan.


Female name, Lenaëlle is derived from the Celtic word ael which means "angel". Lenaëlle has for patron saint Helen, mother of the Roman emperor Constantine. Christian, Helen made a pilgrimage to Palestine to collect the relics of the Passion and build basilicas to protect the holy places. His party : August 18th.


Given name masculine, Kélio is a derivative of Kelian, Celtic kellien which means "gaillard" or "quarrelsome". His patron saint is Kilien, who was bishop and martyr in Thuringia who died in 689. His party : July 8th.


First name masculine, Youen is the Celtic form of the name Yves, of the Germanic iv, designating the yew (the tree), here is a name that pleases especially in Brittany. His party : May 19th.