15 tips to help you get home with baby

15 tips to help you get home with baby

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Your little love will see the day and share your life ... A life somewhat jostled the first time. Here are 15 things to put in place to help you get home and help you get on with your baby.

15 tips to help you get home with baby (15 photos)

A room ready

You have prepared a cozy little nest for your baby. Beyond the decoration, make sure especially its functionality. A small bed, a soft light, blackout curtains or shutters, a nice piece of furniture ready and easily accessible and carpets to smother your steps when you come to check his sleep. Even if baby will spend his first nights in your room, you can leave it gradually in his.

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An organized changing corner

Inescapable in your new daily life, the changing table is the place of many moments of complicity.
In addition to the exchange, you will be able to stimulate baby with tickling, caresses and small massages of the hands, feet or belly.
Arrange it preferably in the bathroom, near a faucet. In case of lack of space, prepare a water point, a small basin for example, not to be caught off guard.
Diapers and hygiene products must be at hand. As is the trash.

All you need for bath and care

Prepare before your return the place of the bath, with a small bath (even if the first days the sink is large enough to accommodate your little end), a bath thermometer, compresses, cotton wool and physiological saline.

Baby bath: the video

A cozy place for meals

In his early days, baby will claim to eat about every two hours. Prepare a cozy little place, in his room or in yours. An armchair in which you feel good. If you choose breastfeeding, do not forget a cushion to relieve your back and arms. In addition, the nursing pillow is also comfortable for your little one.

Breastfeeding: the material to be provided

An installed car seat or a trained dad

Do not wait until you leave the maternity ward to learn how to install a car seat. Anticipate, at the risk of finding you in the parking lot with a baby in your arms and a manual to decipher. Whether you take a basket or a cozy, install it beforehand in the car or train to set up quickly.


Far from parental considerations and principles, your newborn may have a real need to suckle outside of meals.
So, even if you are a priori against the pacifier (or lollipop), a few nights with your finger in the mouth of your baby will probably be right for your principles.
Providing a pacifier could make your life easier. And so much the better if you do not need it.

Pacifier: for or against, make it point

A visit of the house

Baby is very small, but he feels your emotions and is reassured by your voice. When you go in with him, visit the house gently explaining his new place of life and the important parts for him. Cradled by the voice of his dad and his mom, he will feel confident.

A freezer and a full fridge

Punctuated by feedings and baby's naps, your days will be full enough without having to think about the menus and the preparation of the meals.
Before birth, fill the freezer with prepared foods, either homemade or purchased.
During your stay at the maternity ward, dad's mission is to stock up on fresh produce, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and meat or fish. A worry less to manage.

A clean house

No need to think about cleaning up in the first days, you will not have the energy. Preserve your time to rest to regain strength and cuddle baby.
Plan a large household before birth. Then, rely on the dad or put the grandparents to contribute to the management of the daily, dishes, bathroom, laundry or ironing.

Provide sleep ranges

A birth is an immense happiness, but a childbirth remains a trying moment. You will need a lot of rest to regain your energy.
That's good, baby sleeps a lot. So, take advantage of his naps to give you breaks, lie down, sleep, take a book, put your body on standby.

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Organized visits

Everyone around you will want to discover this new wonder. A legitimate desire that you will have to manage. Organize their coming one after the other and explain to them your need for rest, family and friends will understand.

A preserved couple

You made this child two, two of you to take care of it. Let the dad take care of baby and also take care of you. Enjoy your evening meal for two. When you feel upset, give a baby to a grandmother who will be delighted and make a romantic outing.

A sibling that has its place

If you have one or more older children, they must feel involved in this new life. Integrate them and make them responsible for this little brother or little sister according to their age. And do not forget to keep moments of intimacy with everyone, for a reading, a game, a big hug.

Moments to you

Once again, delegate! Dad will be happy to take time to discover his child and establish a complicity. Leave it and escape to do some care, find friends around a coffee, go to the cinema ... Do not forget.

Trust intact

Do not let doubt settle and trust you!
You, parents, will learn to decrypt the crying of your baby. You will quickly perceive his needs, what he likes, what he does not like. If you really have questions, your pediatrician or midwife is there to help you.
But, like all parents, you will do what you think best for your child, and no one is better placed than you for that.