Advent calendar with hangers and clothespins

Advent calendar with hangers and clothespins

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What if you think outside the box for your Advent calendar? Just take out the hangers from the closet and play clothespins to make this diy very simple and easy to do. Child's play !


  • 24 clothespins preferably wooden and not too big
  • 1 wooden hanger
  • strong glue or special wood
  • (optional) white stickers for calendar numbers
  • Markers
  • string to hang surprises or small decorations on the calendar

How to make your Advent calendar with your tongs

  • If you have stickers, write the numbers of the 24 days before Christmas. For days 10 to 24, you can use 2 stickers so that all numbers are the same size
  • Stick your stickers on the top of the clothespins (the part that is held between the fingers, not the part that clamps). If you do not have a sticker, write the numbers from 1 to 24 directly on the clips, with a big black felt pen
  • Put your clothes hanger on a table, and place the clothespins on them before gluing them, to prepare their location.
  • This is 12 clips on the left side of the hanger, and 12 clips on the right side.
  • Arrange the clamps with the pinching part down
  • Glue the pliers with a good glue, and let it dry
  • Meanwhile, prepare your 24 little surprises: candies in sachets, mini gifts, rolled messages and pasted on decorative objects.
  • Tie the surprises with string and hang them in your clothes pegs.
  • Hang your Advent calendar hanger to a suspension or other attachment a little high!

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