15 tips for living well at work

15 tips for living well at work

To take advantage of this period of fullness that is pregnancy both at home and at work, here are some tips to avoid stress, fatigue and tension in the office.

1. Announce your departure on maternity leave

  • Do not delay in warning your employer, it will allow him to anticipate your departure on maternity leave serenely. Notify him before announcing the news to your colleagues. You would not want them to learn it during a conversation.

2. Manage stress

  • Easier said than done ? Whatever your workload, stay tuned for your emotions and your body. Avoid overwork and give yourself regular breaks.

3. Learn to relax

  • Breathing exercises, self-massage ... Choose the method that suits you best to soothe you.

4. Eat well

  • Avoid fatty foods and hearty meals that promote nausea. Opt for healthy and practical snacks to cope with cravings all day long: fresh and dried fruits, nuts, cereal bars ...

5. Promote blood circulation

  • To prevent feeling of heavy legs and edema, consider uncrossing the legs and elevate them as often as possible with a footrest.

6. Adopt the right posture

  • Take care of your back! If your workplace does not have ergonomic seats, bring a small cushion to slide down the loins for better support. Raising your feet also reduces the angle of the thighs and torso.

7. Provide comfortable clothes

  • To feel comfortable, choose soft materials and loose cuts. The shoes must also be comfortable. Heels and shoes too tight are to be avoided.

8. Repeat small exercises

  • Staying in the same position can cause pain. A few minutes of gentle exercise, such as walking or stretching, will help relieve your legs and back.

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