13 tips to simplify my life as a mom

13 tips to simplify my life as a mom

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Doing good is essential! It's good to get up, but it's not always easy when you're a mom. Our tips and tricks to plan and save time ... to take care of yourself and live zen.

1. I anticipate

  • No way to let events lead me by the nose! The secret of organized mothers? They always have a head start. At home, one often finds a nice calendar, fixed on the refrigerator, on which are noted the personal obligations and the various appointments of the family. Day nursery or school, weekend at grandparents, school holidays ... Sunday evening, why not list the imperatives of the week and the obligations they arouse? Anniversary (a gift to find), friends to dine (provide a cake), exit swimming pool (take out the swimsuits) ... In total, ten minutes taken on the weekend that are worth the gold!

2. I affirm myself!

  • It's good for authority! I make simple sentences, positive and brief: "Stay there", "give me your hand", rather than long explanatory speeches. These sentences can be pronounced in a calm and firm tone, without being loud and authoritarian. And I do not justify myself every time I set limits. It's my job !

3. I lift my foot

  • I'm never in the moment. While I'm bathing children, I already think of the meal ... It says: I slow down my actions, literally. I choose an activity that I do mechanically, for example to shower: I slow down to the extreme each of my actions, as if I was weightless. I focus on my muscles, my breathing, the glove that I hold. I'll be aware of a lot of details that usually escape me, like the feeling of water on my shoulders, the smell of the shower gel. This exercise allows me to ask myself, to appreciate the moment, to learn to listen to me.

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