Your baby 0-1 year

Bottle: all you need to know

Your child will be bottle-fed ... because it's your choice or obligation. Discover our special bottle. Which milk and which bottle to choose? What are the best things to do to prepare and bottle feed? How to wean your baby gently? Answers to your questions.

Give the bottle: the video

Qules are the right things to give your baby a bottle? Follow Camille and his little Theodore, 4 months, sharing serenely this moment of tenderness. Find his advice and the right actions to give the bottle in our video. See the video.

Provide good baby bottles

Bottle feeding is a key purchase at the time of your baby's arrival if you chose this baby feeding method. Which baby bottle to choose? Glass, plastic, silicone? What capacity? And the pacifiers? Take advantage of our advice. Which baby bottle to choose?

What milk for her baby bottle?

Between 0 and 4-5 months, your baby needs only milk. Yours, of course, or a formula for infants. Among these milks at first age, remains to know which to choose. What do I choose?

Bottle: chart monitoring feedings

At what time did baby drink his baby? How much ? It's handy to write down all this information to get to know your baby's typical days and understand his rhythm. Print quickly our tracking chart! Practice, I print it!

Bottle: indispensable accessories or not

Your decision is made, you want to feed baby bottle-feeding. However, you are wondering about the usefulness of certain accessories. A little decryption is needed! I equip myself.

Infant milk: which rules?

You can not or do not want to breastfeed ... Rest assured, infant milks provide a satisfactory answer to the infant's nutritional needs, as explained by Patrick Tounian. The rules of infant milk.

How to prepare a bottle

Should milk powder be added to water or vice versa? Dose curved or leveled? Which baby bottle to choose? Sterilize or not? As many questions as you can ask yourself. It's time to take stock of your knowledge of bottle preparation! Our quiz.

Milk and bottle: its needs from 0 to 4 months

In the first few months, your baby's diet consists only of milk. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, how much milk does your baby need? Does he need supplementation? Answers to the questions you ask yourself. Our advices.

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