10 truths about ultrasound

10 truths about ultrasound

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Throughout pregnancy, ultrasound offers you emotional appointments with your future baby. If each time you are at the show, this exam also asks you questions, vehicle rumors ... 10 developments of our specialist.

1. Ultrasound is safe for the fetus

  • The principle of ultrasound is to apply a probe on the skin facing the organ to observe. This probe emits ultrasound, some of which is reflected and recaptured by the probe and then converted into digital signals. Once processed by the system, these signals appear on the screen as black and white images.
  • Within the limits of its usual use, ultrasound is safe. The specialist moves the probe quickly, does not stay long on the same body to study, limiting the risk of exposure and temperature increase, harmful to tissues.

2. This is a relatively reliable technique

  • Ultrasound can not be considered 100% reliable. It's not not a diagnostic test, but a screening. About 2 to 3 out of 10 malformations are not identifiable with this technique. And she often remains unable to highlight the malfunction of certain organs.
  • On the other hand, it provides information on a large number of defects and helps control the baby's development.

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