Babies swimmers: are children being solicited too soon?

Babies swimmers: are children being solicited too soon?

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The baby swimmer sessions introduce children to the pleasure of water, but is it not too difficult for children? Are not they too young? The answer of Laurent Dulong, lifeguard.

Are babies too busy and too young to go to the pool?

It all depends on the practice that one makes of it, that is to say that the practice baby swimmers, it is a moment of discovery for the child, of the middle. It is not coming once a week with the baby swimmers activity that children will be over-solicited. So no.

On the other hand, I strongly advise this practice because the approach of the environment is very important. The younger they are, and the more they are going to have it, the less trouble they will have with water. They will have fewer problems with the middle later.

Too often we see children arriving with parents to learn to swim but without any experience with water or very little. As a result, they will be much less comfortable and learning will be less rapid.

Children who come - not necessarily all the time, but from time to time - will have a much easier approach to water, they will be much more comfortable because they will have worked a lot of things upstream .

What you have to see is that the development of the child is so important between 6 months and 6 years old that if they come at the beginning of the activity with the baby swimmers and that during the space of two years, between 4 and 6 years, they do not come at all, it will not necessarily facilitate the learning of the child because the developments are so important that the children may not have lost everything but n ' will have more the same approaches and the same notions of the environment.

So there has to be some continuity. Even if you come with baby swimmers, that does not mean that later, it will be easier. You have to come from time to time to have a water approach.

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