10 Halloween slices for little demons

10 Halloween slices for little demons

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How to amaze your little greedy for Halloween? With toast! Ghosts, spiders, mummies, pumpkins, bats ... Here are some ideas of simple achievements that will frighten and delight more than one!

Karine Ancelet

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10 slices of Halloween for little demons (10 pics)

The nice monsters of Halloween

This cute idea (and not scary at all) is great. Small sandwiches funny shapes with ham, melted cheese on which you put touches of pepper, olives and some herbs. Who will lick their chops?

Toasted mummies

Bread, a layer of Ketchup, slices of melted cheese and slices of olives ... the mummies are out! After a light toasting in the oven, they should treat your greedy ogres.

Devilishly good!

Ghosts and pumpkins, it smells good Halloween! Spread slices of bread with tomato sauce, add your cut shapes of melted cheese and spend a few minutes in the oven. A piece of tomato, a few sprigs of parsley ... at the table!

Devil's advocate

On slices of bread with toasted cereals, spread a layer of avocado crushed with a fork, add a slice of mozzarella and pieces of olive ... this is a monster of the most beautiful effect!

The sea monster

This crab also wants to be part of the party ... To achieve it, you will need slices of wholemeal bread, sliced ​​cheese (here gruyere), ham (or chicken), pieces of cucumber, salad leaves , slices of hard boiled eggs and black olives. Too cute !

Who has fangs?

Bread, mimolette, pieces of salsify (we take the opportunity to make them eat vegetables) and a few pieces of olives ... this recipe will give them a smile!

Steal the idea!

This bat on his plate with 100% Halloween decor is monstrously crispy no? For this idea, you will need bread, a cucumber, a carrot, olives ... and here is the business loop.


He is scared of being devoured by this ghost and he is right! Bread, cheese, olives, salad leaves ... a simple idea that will please.

Ghosts in series

Sandwich bread, mimolette, cherry tomatoes ... invite ghosts to the party. Promised, they will be wise ...

Infernal Trio

They will shine the eyes of your demons these slices! Fresh cheese and bits of olive for the ghost, tomato sauce, melted cheese and green olives for the spider and the mummy ... who will make a mouthful?