10 recipes to take them by boat

10 recipes to take them by boat

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Your children do not like vegetables, or too much fruit? They make difficult meals? And if you took them on a boat with these funny and simple ideas that make them capsize with pleasure!

Karine Ancelet

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10 recipes to take them by boat (10 photos)

We take off?

Cut slices of sandwich bread and place them on a plate to make the hull and sail of the boat. Put a sprig of chives to make the mast. Cover the veal with fresh cheese and the cheddar or mimolette shell. Decorate with slices of cucumber for portholes, halves of black olives and pieces of pepper ... and go for lunch!

Ride the vegetables

When a vegetable pan fries on a hull of zucchini, it goes much better! Especially if you add a little grated Gruyère as in this recipe. See the recipe Photo: Pinterest

The greedy frigate

On a hull of bread (or bread), put a little ham and a piece of cucumber. Plant a wooden spade to make the mast and put slices of cheese as veils. Tips of carrot at the top ... and here are beautiful boats that should open the appetite of your sailors! Attention, we remove the wooden spades before tasting! Photo: Pinterest

We are embarking?

And vogue the appetite with this idea that will transport them surely! Halves of hollow tomatoes that you can fill with the "cargo" you want (lentils, corn or even a little white rice), and poles made with triangles of pepper. All on an ocean of red cabbage ... Photo: Pinterest

Fruity boats

A beautiful fleet, right? You will need to make melon, slices of pineapple, watermelon, a kiwi. In the original recipe, the boats are laid on an ocean of sprouted seeds but you can opt for salad if you wish! See the recipe Photo: Pinterest

Racing drakkars

Delicious cottage cheese canapes, fresh herbs, bread and cucumber that will delight young pirates! See the recipe Photo: Pinterest

Good fishing !

They went fishing for salmon (smoked), these boats ... and here are delicious sandwiches with fresh cheese and processed cheese ready to navigate to the stomach of your greedy! Photo: Pinterest

Boats all eggs

Half a boiled egg, tuna mousse and tortillas chips ... it does not take more to embark gourmands in the land of pleasures. Photo: Pinterest


Which fleet will choose your gourmand? On the left, fresh cheese-cucumber-ham-cherry tomatoes with sausage or the right one with cucumber? Come on, we try both! Photo: Pinterest

Vegetables at the sea

The idea is simple, but bluffing for children! Photo: Pinterest