10 cat recipes for your kittens

10 cat recipes for your kittens

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Your kittens are fans of cats? Amaze them with these funny recipe ideas completely Meow ... unearthed on Pinterest for you!

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Karine Ancelet


10 cat recipes for your kittens (10 pics)

Crunch them!

Bread of bread, ham, melted cheese, pieces of olives and peppers, some herbs ... amaze your kittens! Pinterest

Kittens cookies

Too cute these cat biscuits! You just need sugar, eggs, flour, chocolate, caramel, vanilla sugar and sugar decor. Recipe in detail on Pinterest

Pizza cat

100% vegetables, this pizza-cat should appeal to gourmands anyway! Recipe in detail on Pinterest


Decorate your choco cake like a cat's head with pieces of marzipan and melted chocolate. Guaranteed effect! Pinterest

Cat cake

There, it is a whole cat who wants to be crunched! Recipe in detail on Pinterest

Cats then!

Here are some onigri, Japanese rice balls in the shape of cats too cute! Pinterest

Cat burger

Made with big and small buns for hamburgers, it is decorated with pieces of ham, melted cheese and black olives. For whiskers, plant cheese appetizer sticks. Pinterest

Smart cat

Looks like Alice's cat in Wonderland! Marshmallow-based, its rainbow decor is a feast for the eyes. Recipe in detail on Pinterest

Multicolored cookies

Get inspired by Hello Kitty to decorate your shortbread cats. Pinterest

Cake pops version

Lollipops too cute with hazelnut chocolate and decorated with candy. Pinterest