Opinion of great cold

Opinion of great cold

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Tucked away in your jacket, you think you are safe from the cold bites. Wrongly. Demonstration in a few questions.

In winter, should we choose a particular day cream?

  • With the cold and the wind, the blood circulates badly in the vessels and no longer provides the skin with the nutrients and oxygen it needs. She becomes dehydrated and dries up. The first feeling of tightness is to be taken as an alarm bell. The message is clear: you have to change from day care to a more nourishing formula if our skin is dry and more moisturizing if it is mixed. Their mission: to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film (composed of water and fat) on the surface of the skin, which, overwhelmed by external aggression, no longer acts as a barrier.

Warm, does the body really need extra protection against the cold?

  • In winter, the body undergoes strong variations of temperature, to which are added the friction of the clothes. The skin dries, pecks and becomes rough in places. The most affected areas are the arms, the waist and the legs.
  • Another cause of dry skin, baths and showers that you like hot when it's cold. Prolonged contact with hot water causes swelling and then bursting of the cells. Soaps and shower gels tend to destroy the hydrolipidic film.
  • In short, it's the total discomfort. You have to set the bar higher with creamy, rich, ultra-moisturizing and moisturizing creams.

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