10 Very Minion First Names

10 Very Minion First Names

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Want a Minion baby name? Of course, you will not call it Gru, but other names of this famous series will give you the banana (favorite food of Minions do not forget!).

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10 Very Minion First Names (10 photos)


Always accompanied by his bear Tim, it is the most adorable Minions. Derived from Robert, Bob comes from the Germanic "hrod" (glory) and "bert" (brilliant). Worn by Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bob Geldof ... it may bode well for a future baby musician. To celebrate April 30th.


Always playing ukulele (or eating bananas), here is a little funny, a little crazy ... a name quite rare in us that you might like. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, Stuart means the one who harvests (good notes or beautiful bananas?).


Lucy and Gru's adopted daughter, what she likes is her unicorns, sweets and everything sweet! Want to adopt this name? Agnès comes from the Greek "hagnos", which means pure, chaste and is celebrated on January 21st.


Kevin is not only the greatest of the three traveling heroes ... but also the most courageous and the most seasoned. A chef, what! Celtic in origin and from the old Gaelic "caomhghin", Kevin means good breed, happy birth, loved. And you love this name? If you adopt it, think about its holiday on June 3rd.


She is the eldest and it knows! A real "pearl" when it comes to caring for his little sisters ... and this is also the meaning of this diminutive Marguerite, from the Greek "margaritas". Think about it if you want a large family! His birthday: November 16th.


Independent, sassy ... this new Minion that makes its appearance in the third episode is pretty cute no? A diminutive form of Mael, Breton "mael" (the prince, the chef), this name fits him like a glove. His birthday: May 13th.


Plan a pink striped hat ... because this naughty never leaves (well, except in the second opus where she traded him against a black ninja outfit, you see what you prefer!). Edith is a name of Germanic origin, of "ed", wealth, and "idh", fight. His birthday: September 16th.


Bana bana banana ... this is one of the Minions who best sings this cult song to the glory of bananas (favorite food of the minions)! Mark is of Anglo-Saxon origin and refers to Mars, god of war among the Romans. To celebrate April 25th.


Scarlet Overkill is the evil, the real villain of the story, but she's so funny too. She is a real lover of rubies. Normal for this name that comes from the old French "scarlet", meaning scarlet. His demonic character scares you? Think of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind".


Want a doll adorable (but a little crazy)? Think of Lucy Wilde and her luminous name from the Latin "lux", the light ... normal for this famous agent of the AVL (Agency Vigilance Lynx). His birthday: December 13th.