10 names of adventurers

10 names of adventurers

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Want an adventurous name for your little girl? Voyageurs, explorers, researchers ... We propose you 10 names of women who have crossed the continents and braved all the dangers. Let's go for the adventure!

Leia Scheffler


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10 names of adventurers (10 photos)


The mythical heroine of Tomb Raider video games, Lara Croft is as beautiful as she is intelligent and combative. From the Latin larus, "seagull", her first name is perfectly suited to great travelers. The Lara are celebrated on March 26th.


Amelia Earhart is the aviator of all records. She was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1928. The name Amelia is derived from the Latin word "aemulus", which means emulate. It is celebrated on September 19th.


Jeanne Baré was the first woman to go around the world by boat ... disguised as a man! In fact, in 1766, women did not have the right to sail. It took more to discourage this incredible adventurer. Feminine Jean, his name comes from the Hebrew "yohanan", God forgive. His birthday: May 30th.


The Anglo-Saxon version! Jane Goodall is one of the most famous primatologists. She dedicated her life to studying chimpanzees. Still today, she campaigns for the respect of the environment and animals. Like his French counterpart Jeanne, this name means in Hebrew "God forgive" and is celebrated on May 5th.


Nellie Bly is a pioneer of investigative journalism. In the nineteenth century, it performed a world tour in 72 days. Better than the hero of Jules Verne! From the Greek "élê", brilliance, brightness of the sun, Nellie is one of the many derivatives of the name Hélène. The Nellie are celebrated on August 18th.


Disney heroine, Vaïana is a thirsty adventure girl who does not hesitate to brave the seas to help her people. This name of Tahitian origin can be translated as "water of rock". He has no known holiday. If you find this name complicated, you can opt for that of the American version of the film, Moana.


Laureline is one of the most famous science fiction adventurers. Created by Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin for comics "Bad dreams", she travels with her companion Valérian through time and space. The name Laureline is close to the Latin word "laurus" which means laurel. The Laurelines are celebrated on August 10th.


Adèle Blanc-Sec is another comic book heroine who is not afraid of anything. Plots, magical creatures, nothing resists this Parisian resourceful. His name comes from the Germanic "adal", which means noble "Adele is celebrated on December 24th.


Journalist, explorer, thinker and even opera singer, Alexandra David-Néel seems to have lived 1000 lives! Her greatest feat: being the first European to stay in Lhasa, Tibet. Alexandra comes from the Greek words "alexein", protect, and "andros" which means man, which means "the one who protects men". This name is celebrated on March 20th.


Sydney Fox the adventuress is the heroine of the eponymous series, which had its heyday in the early 2000s. It's a real Indiana Jones female. The name Sydney is derived from Saint Denis, himself from the Greek "dionysos", son of God. His birthday: October 9th.