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Maternal assistant: how to improve your home?

The childminder who keeps your child would like to make new arrangements to improve his housing, the place of reception of your child but lack of funds? Perhaps she does not know that she can obtain from the Caf a loan for this purpose, the PAH.

What is the PAH?

  • PAH, the Home Improvement Loan is intended to finance work aimed at improving the reception, health or safety of the children in the home or facilitating the acquisition, renewal or extension of the authorization for a maternal assistant practicing at home or in a home. a house of maternal assistants, a Mam.
  • If this loan adapted if your assmat wants to install sanitary to the size of children, it is totally impossible to imagine such finance strollers, beds, childcare equipment or toys and maintenance work, embellishment or those remaining the responsibility of the owner of the housing.

What amount?

  • The amount of the PAH depends on the cost of the work and can reach 80% of the expenses incurred up to the limit of 10 000 €. Its interest rate is 0%. It is repayable in 120 equal monthly installments (ie 10 years) maximum.
  • The request is to be made to the CAF, which decides to give a favorable response or not and which sets the conditions contractually with the maternal assistant.
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